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Uber and gentrification: Why I’m excited and terrified that tech has finally discovered Oakland

Following the news that Uber is going to open a major office in downtown Oakland, some residents shocked the tech elite by failing to pay proper deference to their new digital saviors. Rather than genuflecting before the high-tech pilgrims planning to settle the Bay Area’s final economic development frontier, some locals actually had the nerve to […]

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Flex Logix raises $7.4M to commercialize its clever flexible chip designs

Semiconductor startup Flex Logix Technologies has raised $7.4 million to commercialize its technology for designing flexible semiconductor chips. Mountain View, California-based Flex Logix has come up with a way to design cores for field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that allow a chip to change its identity, even after it has been shipped. A chip startup can […]

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Microsoft starts selling Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, releases firmware update with Windows Hello

Right on schedule and just in time for the opening of its flagship store in New York, Microsoft has started selling its new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book in the U.S. and Canada. Microsoft has also updated the firmware for both to add Windows Hello support. Microsoft still pitches the Surface Pro 4 as […]

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VCs favor putting their money into esports and virtual reality

Many venture capitalists are shy about investing in games. And for the first nine months of 2015, game investments were down about 35 percent from a year earlier, according to tech advisory firm Digi-Capital. But some brave souls have repeatedly invested in games, and we brought them out again for a talk on what is hot […]

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Personal and predictive: Why brands need to work from the outside-in

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced by SessionM.  “The customer is always right…” It’s something we’ve all heard before, but now marketing teams are starting to see the truth behind it. Rather than building a marketing calendar that’s “inside-out” (promoting what the company wants to promote, when it wants to promote it), brands are being rewired […]

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Adobe’s marketing content testing tools get new mobile and predictive analytics chops

Adobe today announced enhancements to its Adobe Target content testing and personalization platform that give it new predictive analytics and automation chops. Adobe Target is one part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe Target also gets some features that help marketers target messages on more types of devices (think Internet of Things), as well as to devices that are offline. Adobe said […]

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The case against tipping

WOULD you like a smile with your burger and fries? That’ll be 15% extra. These days anything less in America will earn you either shame or a pointed question from an irate server. But on October 14th Danny Meyer, head of Union Square Hospitality, a restaurant group, announced that he would put an end to tips in his eateries. This will not affect his customers’ wallets; prices will rise to offset the banned tips. But it is good news for America.

Mr Meyer is going against a trend that started in America just after the civil war. Tipping first caught on in Europe, where guests in fancy British houses would be threatened with gravy on their breeches if they failed to tip the footman. It spread across the pond as American holiday-makers returned to show off exotic European fashions. Once employers responded by slashing wages, workers worked hard to make sure they got their tips. In 1918, 100 waiters were arrested for poisoning the soup of prominent anti-tippers

Today, tipping is entrenched. According to the Economic Policy Institute, 4.3m Americans rely on the generosity of tippers to scrape a…Continue reading

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Over 15M people watched Yahoo’s first live NFL broadcast

Yahoo has published the results of its first global live stream of a regular season National Football League (NFL) game. It delivered 33.6 million streams on the site across all devices, watched by 15.2 million people around the world. On Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills competed against each other from London’s Wembley […]

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