Microsoft to open Minecraft education edition for all schools in June, free on the early access program

Among a handful of announcements Microsoft made today — designed to make Windows a core facet of the classroom — the company provided more details on the Minecraft: Education Edition, which it first teased back in January. Beginning in June, any school will be able to access the new Minecraft, which is tailor-made for teaching kids things […]

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Loook studio will make mixed reality apps for Microsoft HoloLens

EXCLUSIVE: Inspired by Microsoft’s HoloLens holographic glasses, the founders of Loook are announcing today that they are creating “mixed reality” apps that blend holographic animations and the real world. Seattle-based Loook is the brainchild of Sébastien Motte, former head of Xbox first-party business development, and John Howard, former creative Director on Microsoft HoloLens for partnerships with NASA, Autodesk, and […]

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Crafting an Online Strategy, Part 2: Where to Sell What You Make

You’re making soap or jewelry or handcrafted leather bags, and you want to sell them online. Where do you go? What spaces work best? How do you decide where to sell your wares? It’s important to choose the right selling spaces for your products and business strategy. Selling on your own site lets you control how your products are represented, while third-party sites offer a network of customers.

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Modern cures for a fear of flying

WHEN airlines began installing “tail-cams” and streaming live footage of flights to passengers, the idea was to offer a “God’s eye” view of the heavens. It is, indeed, a divine sight, but for those with a fear of flying also utterly terrifying. On a recent transatlantic flight, an anxious gentleman sitting next to Gulliver was glued to tail-cam for eight hours straight, scrutinising the plane (and flight speeds) for any signs of imminent mechanical failure—fearing, perhaps, that a lapse in his vigil could doom us all. It was only upon docking at the gate that his hands unclenched from the armrest and his ordeal came to an end.
Around 2-3% of people in developed countries have clinical aviophobia: an intense and irrational fear of flying. Symptoms include increased blood pressure, hyperventilation, gastric upset and panic attacks. Sufferers are usually aware that air travel is one of the safest forms of transportation, but are unable to shake off anxieties about…Continue reading

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Mobile-first tutoring service MathCrunch becomes Yup, expands into science

MathCrunch, the mobile-first education startup that helps students find personal tutors, has announced a pivot as it changes its name to Yup and expands beyond math into chemistry and physics. Alongside today’s topic expansion and name change, the company has also revealed that it has added $4 million more to its coffers, taking its total seed […]

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Microsoft researchers are teaching AI to write stories about groups of photos

Microsoft researchers have come up with a novel way to have computers tell stories about what’s happening in multiple photographs using artificial intelligence (AI). Today the company is publishing an academic paper describing the technology, which could one day power services that are especially useful to the visually impaired, as well as the photos, captions, […]

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Kangaroo Pro is a $199 Windows 10 PC with a little less portability, a lot more ports

InFocus today debuted the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro, a $199 Windows 10 portable PC that is meant to be much more capable than the original Kangaroo. The Kangaroo Pro is available on Newegg, Amazon, and now, and will go on sale at the Microsoft Store later this month. When the Kangaroo debuted in October […]

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Naked Labs’ home fitness scanner captures your entire body in 3D

Naked Labs is unveiling what it calls the world’s first 3D Fitness Tracker. It scans your entire body using a mirror and a scale, capturing your weight and the outline of your body. It uses that information to calculate your percentage body fat, and it shows you if those trips you’re making to the gym […]

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