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Marketing automation startup SalesManago snags $6 million

Polish marketing startup SalesManago announced today that it closed a $6 million investment from Austria’s 3TS Capital Partners. The startup said that the round will allow it to further build its marketing automation technology and expand in Europe. SalesManago promises it provides ecommerce clients with “real-time website and mobile application analytics coupled with predictive and […]

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AMD partners with Stardock to create awesome graphics for Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity is an upcoming real-time strategy game for the PC where tons of things can move around on the screen simultaneously. As such, it requires a lot of 3D graphics horsepower to run fluidly. That’s why graphics chip maker Advanced Micro Devices is teaming up with game engine developer Oxide Games and […]

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Warren Spector wants to mine new ’emergent gameplay’ from System Shock’s nostalgia

All of Warren Spector’s games over the past few decades have been about “emergent gameplay,” which give players choices so that they can solve problems in their own way. Spector has been religious about this view, which contrasts to the tastes of game writers such as Amy Hennig, creator of the Uncharted series, where games […]

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Enflux’s smart fitness apparel tracks your movement to prevent injuries

If you’re someone who likes exercising but are concerned about whether you’re “doing it right,” you might want to give Enflux a look. The startup specializes in fitness apparel equipped with sensors to provide actionable insights on your exercise regimen and will launch a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign on March 7 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific to […]

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Donald ducks the big questions

VICTORY this week in the Nevada caucuses, on top of recent triumphs in New Hampshire and South Carolina, make Donald Trump the clear favourite to be the Republican nominee in America’s presidential election. Users of Predictit, a gambling website, collectively rate his chances at about 70%. Although many people think that Mr Trump cannot triumph in November, it is worth remembering that Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, is hampered by several nagging scandals that could conceivably deepen.

So investors need to start thinking about what the economy might look like under a President Trump. This is far from easy, because the candidate gives a good impression of making up policy as he goes along. How seriously is one to take his policy on Chinese trade (declaring the country a currency manipulator and eliminating its “illegal” export subsidies)? Is the plan for a border wall contingent on his improbable promise of getting the Mexicans to pay for it?

And it is not clear whether Mr Trump’s policies would be approved by Congress. A Republican House and Senate would normally follow the lead of their party’s standard-bearer….Continue reading

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Kendall & Kylie game takes Glu Mobile to the top 10 again after poor Katy Perry launch

Glu Mobile has seen ups and downs with its celebrity mobile games, and now it’s on the ups again thanks to its release of Kendall & Kylie, based on the lives of reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Founded in 2001, Glu toiled away for years in mobile until it scores a huge success with […]

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Yahoo open-sources CaffeOnSpark deep learning framework for Hadoop

Yahoo today is releasing some key artificial intelligence software (AI) under an open-source license. The company last year built a library called CaffeOnSpark to perform a popular type of AI called “deep learning” on the vast swaths of data kept in its Hadoop open-source file system for storing big data. Now it’s becoming available for […]

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VegasTechFund is now VTF Capital, looks beyond Sin City for commerce startups

One of Las Vegas’ most well-known venture capital firms is undergoing a bit of transformation. The VegasTechFund has rebranded itself to highlight its changing focus. Now calling itself VTF Capital, it’s setting out to make investments throughout the United States in startups within the commerce and marketplace sectors. Started by Zappos chief executive Tony Hsieh, Zach Ware, […]

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Big data for small biz is leveling the playing field

SPONSORED: Big data is becoming part of the real world and every company’s DNA — not just the domain of data scientists and the enterprise. Learn how the world’s leading companies, big and small, are using it to evolve their businesses for the 21st century at Structure Data, March 9 and 10, in San Francisco. Special offer to VentureBeat readers: Use promo code “VB_VIP” and click here to get a 30 percent discount on your ticket!

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