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Facebook now tells you when state-sponsored hackers try to access your account

Facebook has a vision of connecting the world together and in doing so, it’s facilitating the spreading of ideas, whether it’s about political ideas, social issues, or simply how to Whip and Nae-Nae, it’s all taking place on this giant social network. And it’s probably not surprising that there are a few people that just […]

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Verizon Supercookie to Let Advertisers Gorge on Customer Data

Verizon has announced it will begin sharing customer data with its AOL Advertising Network, triggering concerns about privacy and customer tracking. AOL will use Verizon’s supercookie — which is difficult to get rid of — to track users. “This is a huge privacy problem, but carriers have never really cared that much about customer satisfaction,” said tech analyst Rob Enderle.

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