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Analysts are overlooking how much AR and VR are about to change our lives

GUEST: Over the last few months, Goldman Sachs, DigiCapital, and ABI Research. have all released projections for the augmented reality and virtual reality market. The projections range from the Goldman Sachs low end of $80 billion to the DigiCapital high end of $120 billion. I tend to agree with DigiCapital — the high-end projection. As objective as I […]

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VR startups: 4 lessons to learn from the AR hype cycle

GUEST: Back in 2008, augmented reality (AR) could do no wrong. There was unbelievable hype around the technology and a growing amount of interest from just about every brand, company, and investor. Fast-forward three years and by 2011, if you were an AR company, you might as well have worn a scarlet letter. The disillusionment of […]

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