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FCC won’t extend privacy proposal for broadband providers to Twitter, Google or Facebook

(Reuters) – The head of the U.S. communications regulator on Thursday released a long-awaited proposal to protect consumers’ Internet privacy, but it would not bar any data collection practices. The plan would require broadband providers to obtain consumer consent, disclose data collection, protect personal information and report breaches. Broadband providers currently collect consumer data without […]

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Amazon to support Apple in fight over unlocking San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone

(Reuters) – Amazon said on Thursday it will support Apple’s fight against a magistrate’s order, which requires it to help the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation break into a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. An Amazon spokesman said the company was still working on its “amicus options.” The online retailer joins Alphabet’s Google, Facebook, Microsoft and […]

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European legislators concerned about data privacy bill before U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS (By Dustin Volz and Eric Auchard for Reuters) — A U.S. Senate panel approved measures on Thursday that were causing concern in Europe among negotiators hammering out a new trans-Atlantic pact on electronic data transfer, an issue for many companies such as Facebook and Microsoft. In a step toward addressing global concerns about data […]

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4 ways to adapt to the EU’s new data rules

GUEST: On October 6, the EU ruled that the 15-year-old Safe Harbor Agreement between the U.S. and Europe is invalid. The agreement had allowed American companies to move the data of European citizens freely to the U.S. under the rationale that American data protection equivalent to EU standards. From large enterprises like Facebook and Google to […]

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