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Skyhook launches its new Personas to help solve a $100B industry problem

EXCLUSIVE: Location-based marketing is still stuck in the past. Whether you’re sending a coupon to a customer because GPS says they’re near your store, switching up the creative on your app in-store thanks to smart beacons, or serving an in-app advertisement thanks to a Wi-Fi SSID, all the most often-quoted examples work in the same way. […]

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Online ad execs repent the sins of their first $50 billion

GUEST: There are a million ways to monetize your business, and a digital advertising salesperson can sell you each one. The official theme of the Interactive Advertising Bureau event this month, the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, was how the online ad market will get to the next $50 billion in revenue. Yet the unofficial theme that […]

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Twitter’s latest ad format boils brand engagement down to a single click

Twitter has introduced an ad format it believes will help spread brand influence while making it easier for people to interact with companies. Called conversational ads, it has been beta tested for the past few months and is available on and its mobile apps. At its core, conversational ads are like Promoted Tweets, but […]

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Martech in 2015: $17B in funding, $87B in exits, and more fragmented than ever

VB INSIGHT: There has been $17 billion in funding, spread over 313 businesses, generated within the marketing technology industry this year. While that is down from last year’s impressive $47 billion total — which was distributed across 487 organizations — it is still impressive for a sector that has yet to find its footing outside of the Fortune 500. […]

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5 big predictions for 2016: Best apps will be more intuitive, boost ad relevance

SPONSORED: This sponsored post is produced by Skyhook Wireless. A lot happened in the mobile world this year — especially with regard to location services. Based on what we have already seen take place in 2015, we have a few ideas on what the next year has in store for the application and adtech spaces. Let’s […]

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Adtech companies: Why you should care about good vs. fuzzy location

SPONSORED: Mobile apps must continually seek new ways to differentiate in a competitive market that is only getting fiercer by the second. Brought to you by Skyhook, this post is part of a series called “Apptitude”  looking at how app owners can reduce friction, boost user engagement, monetize, and get to the user’s home screen. See all the […]

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If location-based marketing means focusing on the blue dot, you’re missing the point

VB WEBINAR: That useful little blue dot on your smartphone’s map is like a flame to a moth for location-based marketers. But as I found out from Mike Schneider, VP of marketing at Skyhook, during our webinar “Drive ad revenue with precise location targeting,” if you focus on pushing offers, messages, and coupons to people based on […]

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